Practice 4/5

Tonight we have a women’s only practice from 9:45-11:00. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Practice Tonight 02/01/17 

Tonight we have a womens only practice at the cooler from 9:45-11PM. Bring both colors and don’t forget water! See y’all tonight!


Skating clinic 01/25/17

We’ve got a co-ed skating clinic tonight! Hope everyone’s excited. Yes…there will be goalies in attendance so don’t worry. See y’all tonight!


Practice 01/11/17

Tonight we have another dynamic practice at the Cooler from 9:45-11PM. Please bring a water bottle and both color jerseys just in case! See y’all tonight!


Shooting Clinic Tonight! 11/16

We are excited to have our final clinic of the year tonight! Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or are unable to come as we have a waitlist of people wanting to attend. Thanks! See y’all at 9:45