Jr. Thrashers Practice at the Ice Forum in Duluth

Our fourth practice will be on Sunday June 3rd from 2:40-4:40PM at the Duluth Ice Forum – breakaway rink.

Price is $25 per skater.

If you’d like to join please email us at: ladythrashers@gmail.com

All ages and skill levels are welcome!


Girls Try Hockey for Free Day

The Atlanta Lady Thrashers are hosting a girl’s try hockey for free day on April 28th from 3:00-3:50 at the Cooler in Alpharetta. No requirements, all ages are welcome. Please email Kristin Cardell at ladythrashers@gmail.com to secure yourself or your daughter some gear and additional information!

After the try hockey for free event we are also hosting our upper level youth team and adult practice from 3:50-5:00pm. Following that we are having our intermediate and beginner youth team practice from 5:00-6:00pm. Please help us spread the word about this awesome event!

April 28 Poster

Practice Tonight 02/01/17 

Tonight we have a womens only practice at the cooler from 9:45-11PM. Bring both colors and don’t forget water! See y’all tonight!


Skating clinic 01/25/17

We’ve got a co-ed skating clinic tonight! Hope everyone’s excited. Yes…there will be goalies in attendance so don’t worry. See y’all tonight!


Practice 01/11/17

Tonight we have another dynamic practice at the Cooler from 9:45-11PM. Please bring a water bottle and both color jerseys just in case! See y’all tonight!