Our Vision

To develop strong female leaders through the sport of hockey.

Our Mission

We will deliver on our vision by fostering a thriving hockey organization at each age group for girls to play hockey in Atlanta.

Our History

The Atlanta Women’s Hockey Association (AWHA) was founded to promote women’s ice hockey in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The AWHA is committed to providing a supportive environment for women to develop their skating and playing skills. The AWHA is a women’s league organized in accordance with USA Hockey guidelines. Women of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate. Members of the AWHA share equal ice time during all team practices, scrimmages and league games.

The Atlanta Thrashers Women’s Hockey Team was started in 1996 by Dawn Hangle. The “Lady Thrashers” moniker came along after the NHL team chose the same name and began skating at our rink. Though the men’s team has moved to Winnipeg, we have kept the Lady Thrashers name as it has long become part of our identity. We are proud to be known by all our names: Atlanta Thrashers Women’s Hockey, Lady Thrashers, Chicks With Sticks, and our newest team Jr. Thrashers.

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