We value input and feedback from all of our players and parents. Here are a few select testimonials. Thank you for your support and kind words!

I’ve been learning to play Hockey for almost 3 years now, and I owe a big thanks to Lady Thrashers for getting me started and keeping me coming back. From Practices to Co-ed Clinics to Scrimmages, I’ve learned so much at my skill level and beyond. There are always more experienced players to push and encourage me to work and play better. The Practices and Clinics help work on skating, puck handling skills and appropriate body contact, along with real game scenarios. The Scrimmages definitely push me out of my comfort zone with all levels of players and give those skills learned at practices a more real feel and often times the coaching on the bench helps cement the ideas better. The feedback I have received has always been positive, supportive and encouraging. I love that there are always suggestions on things to work on off-ice, and no questions are ever silly or belittled! Thanks Lady Thrashers.

L.K. Lady Thrashers member since 2019

I didn’t grow up playing hockey but I have been around it here and there my whole life. I finally decided to try hockey at 25 years old, because it’s never too late to try something new! I remember feeling extremely nervous and intimidated, growing up in Texas, having only skated a handful of times over the Christmas holidays visiting family in Canada. That first practice everyone was extremely nice and everyone had fun! The coaches make learning the game enjoyable and to this day we have not repeated a practice (it’s never boring). Skating with this group is what I look forward to every week!

K.C. Lady Thrashers member since 2015