Clinic Tonight! 9/14/16

Tonight is the first in our 3-part clinic series that focuses on skating- prepare for your legs to burn HAHA! Please bring both a light and dark jersey as well as a water bottle. We will have one women’s-only locker room and one co-ed locker room. Please find a board member in the lobby to ask which one is which. Jackie will be wearing a magenta great wraps sweater, so you can always look for her.

WANT TO JOIN US but you’re not on the list? email us to let us know you’ll be there, and please sign up on as well. It’s $20 to drop in or $55 if you register for all 3 sessions.
OFF-ICE WARM UP starts at 9:00 for anyone interested. meet in the lobby if you’d like to participate.
JERSEYS are still for sale: $30 for a black and gray pair with our sweet new logo! I’ll have some mediums and larges on hand tonight.

See y’all tonight!

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