Scrimmage Tonight! 9/7/16

Tonight we have our first scrimmage from 9:45-11pm! Our jerseys have finally arrived, so if you are a member you’ll get yours for FREE! Drop ins can pay $30 to get a pair of logo jerseys.

~If you are dropping in tonight (NOTE: you had to be on the drop in wait list in order to drop in), please bring $20 cash or check.
~We’ll be doing head shots so look pretty if you want to! These will hopefully go up on our website and social media accounts.
~If you have time, please write your name on painter’s or masking tape and stick it on the front of your helmet. That will help us all get to know each other.
~We will be doing an off-ice warmup from 9-9:15, led by our very own LT board member Kristin!
~Don’t forget your water bottle and game face 🙂
See y’all tonight!

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